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About us

The Sciences Po Cybersecurity Association (SCA) was founded in 2019 by two students from the Paris School of International Affairs eager to bring cybersecurity into the political sciences field. Despite the excellence of the Sciences Po curriculum, cybersecurity is often left underrated both in the security and policy studies. More importantly, students are generally lacking awareness on digital threats and cyber hygiene, despite the fact that universities around the world continue to be increasingly targeted by cyberattacks.

The goal of the Sciences Po Cybersecurity Association is to provide insights and a deepened understanding of the cybersecurity field to Sciences Po students, to the faculty and even beyond. Through our journal, our practical workshops, webinars, masterclasses and network of partners, we aim to raise interest on digital geopolitics, national & international law in cyberspace, cryptocurrency trends, hacking tools, ethics and governance.

Finally, the SCA is recognised as an association that brings together SciencesPo’s best talents in the field of cybersecurity. We strive to provide career opportunities to our members, promote diversity, and maintain a close network between our alumni and our new recruits.

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2022-2023’s Team

2021-2022’s Team