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12/02/2020: NATO Cyberdefense with Patrick Salmon

SCA and Sciences Po Défense et Stratégie decided to partner during the Forum de la Défense 2020 to offer Sciences Po students an exclusive masterclass on NATO Cyberdefense with US Navy Officer Patrick Salmon.

U.S Navy fighter and diplomat with over 18 years of professional, international experience, Patrick Salmon has worked during 3 years, from 2015 to 2018, as Business Process Analyst at NATO Allied Command Transformation. His mission not only consisted in developing cyber education solutions for the 9,000 permanent members of the NATO Command Structure, but also developing future NATO cyber strategy.

Tackling this subject is in fact very important nowadays since cyber and intelligence threats to the security of the Alliance are becoming increasingly frequent, complex, destructive and coercive. Thus, as it states, the Alliance needs to be prepared to defend its networks and operations against the growing sophistication of the cyber threats and attacks it faces, partnering with strong and resilient cyber defence actors to fulfil NATO’s core tasks of collective defence, crisis management and cooperative security.

Mr Salmon shared his experience and perspectives on NATO Cyberdefense since he served as a tactical aviator in active duty French naval squadrons and participated in and supported combat operations in Afghanistan and Libya. Moreover, he now works as US Navy Liaison to the French Navy Staff.