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18/10/2021: China’s Cyber and Digital Policy: A Reality Check in 2021 with Xu Peixi

For our latest event, the Sciences Po Cybersecurity Association invited Professor and Director of the Global Internet Governance Studies Center, Xu Peixi, to explore the following questions.

  • Is China a digital authoritarian country?
  • How does China perceive external threats in general and cyber threats in particular?
  • What are the typical myths and misconceptions about China’s cyber strategies and intentions?
  • How does the Chinese government govern a unique co-rise of digital platforms and grassroots? 
  • What are the reasons for the 2021 regulatory storm against domestic tech giants?

Mr Xu delivered a unique insight into China’s cyber and digital policy. He will address the key differences in the ways in which Western countries and China address cyberspace. Xu Peixi, Professor & Director of Global Internet Governance Studies Center, Communication University of China (CUC). He has obtained a Doctoral Degree from CUC and a Licentiate Degree from University of Tampere, Finland. His research interests include Global Communication, Internet Governance, and Cybersecurity. He is author of over 50 articles at academic journals like China Information Security and Modern Communications. He is also author of three books: Global Governance from Traditional Media to the Internet (Tsinghua University Press), The Shaping Cyber Norms: Origins, Disputes, and Trends (China Social Sciences Academic Press), and Digital Cold War Studies (Guangming Daily Press). He is a member of the MAG of China IGF. He is an active participant of IGF and China-EU, China-U.S. cyber dialogues.