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04.04.2022: Cyber in the Outerspace with Florent Rizzo

We are honored to welcome Mr Florent Rizzo, who is the founder and CEO of Cyberinflight.

After his engineering studies at the Saint-Étienne School of Télécom and at the North Dakota State University, he earned a MBA at TBS Education in the Aerospace field. He worked at the DGAC, French Civil Aviation and for Airbus, for which he worked in India for 6 months. Before creating CyberinFlight in 2019 you worked at Euroconsult as a senior consultant in in-flight connectivity market. 

Today, society is dependent on the satellite and space world. We use these new technologies every day: through communication, geolocation but also at a more military and security level (for intelligence, surveillance of environments …). Thus, the space environment becomes a new space of conflicts and threats due to this dependence. One of the greatest threats is the cyber-attack, especially against a satellite, both for the information that can be contained in it and for the consequences in terms of network disruption that this could create. Thus, it appears necessary to protect the space environment from these cyber threats through cybersecurity. The aerospace cybersecurity market is then recent and growing. Cyberinflight is a pioneer company in this field combining both strategic market intelligence and technical competences

Join us on 04.04.2022 at 19h15 at: 
9, rue de la Chaise
Salle 931